Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Use your noggin

"The One With the Most Marbles"

A jar is full of marbles.

Then the marbles are all dumped out into a box.

They are then dumped out of the box and into a bowl.

When they have all been dumped into the bowl, the bowl is filled only part way.

Which of the three things had the most marbles in it ~ the jar, the box, or the bowl? Why?

The Hippie gave me all sorts of answers and reasons why she thought what she thought. But, I was looking for that "Aha Moment" and she just wasn't seeing what I wanted her to see without my having to explain it.

So, I broke out a jar of marbles, a pan and a bowl.

I told her to do it.

She proceeded to pour the marbles from the jar into the pan and then into the bowl. She started to give me more of her answers and reasons ...

And then I saw it.

The light bulb went off. 

Isn't that one of the greatest joys of home education? Witnessing the "Aha Moments"?

Until next time,

~ Irie Momma

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