Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday's Poetry Tea Time ... with a twist

One of our favorite things about our home education lifestyle is our Poetry Tea Time on Tuesdays.

We usually do this in the afternoon. At around 4:00 I set a nice table with a table cloth and special dishes that only come out for Tea Time. I put the cream into the little ceramic dish and break out tiny spoons and everything. It is also an opportunity for the girls to get a special sweet treat. We either bake muffins earlier in the day or I will break out some cookies that are not eaten on any other day.

Today I decided to surprise the girls with something a little different.

When the girls came out this morning, we first curled up on the couch and I read a couple of Thanksgiving books to them. Then, I sent them off to get ready for the day while I made breakfast.

But, instead of just making breakfast, I went ahead and set us up for a morning tea time. I set the table cloth out. I set out our tea cups and the cream and the sugar. I baked some yummy biscuits and fried us each an egg. I fixed up a quick fruit salad and set out the jams and knives. I brewed up some Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea for the girls and some green tea for me. And, I lit a candle for the final touch.

Once I had everything just so, I grabbed these two great books from our Thanksgiving book basket (you can click on the picture and it will take you to the book on Amazon) and called the girls to the kitchen.


Giving Thanks: Poems, Prayers and Praise Songs of Thanksgiving


The Book of Giving: Poems of Thanks, Praise and Celebration


They were so thankful for the lovely surprise. I said, "Who says we can't have a Poetry Tea Time with breakfast?".

We each spread jam on our biscuits and fixed up our teas. We enjoyed our breakfast and then we set to reading aloud all sorts of poems and blessings, giving thanks to God for His many gifts.

It's really amazing how loved this simple gesture makes the girls feel!

What a beautiful way to start our day!

Until next time,

~ Irie Momma

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