Thursday, November 14, 2013

Autumn Unschooling at its Finest ...


What does learning look like around here right now?

It looks like reading ...
a few of the Pilgrim Stories, The Making of a Knight, finishing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, starting Lassie Come Home and Marco Polo, The Thanksgiving Story, a magazine all about Germany (the Hippie)
Charlotte's Web, starting Squanto: Friend of the Pilgrims, tons of books about whales (the Princess)

It looks like playing ...
Sorry on Family Game Night
the game that the Hippie made up for us on the driveway

It looks like baking ...
Pumpkin cookies from start to finish with no help (the Hippie)

It looks like discovering ...
 What "regal" means by looking it up in the dictionary
How amazing God's creation is by watching Moody Science Videos
that when you place Pink Himalayan Salt in water it seems to absorb the water (get bigger), but when you place regular white Sea Salt in water it seems to dissolve (almost disappears) ... why is that?

It looks like doing ...
puzzles and crafts

It looks like listening ...
to Classical Christmas Music

It looks like watching ...
a raccoon walk right into our yard, climb our tree, curl up and fall fast asleep at the top without falling off the branch. How do they do that?

It looks like cooking ...
"Pasta la Chicka" and hosting a restaurant for the family

It looks like enjoying ...
Hot Cocoa
Using our noggins with things like Mind Benders and Think-a-Minute puzzles.

It looks like ...
the JOY of living.

What does learning look like in your home this month?

Until next time,
~ Irie Momma

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