Friday, September 9, 2011

God really DOES provide ALL that we need!

I'm seriously feeling that urge again lately.  

The one for RAW FOOD.  For green smoothies.  For that feeling of being high as a kite, 100% naturally.  High as a kite on God's Bounty ... 

I miss it.  I miss feeling that tingling in my veins when I drank my Kale Smoothies in the morning.  I miss having the energy to get through the day ... and then some!

I miss feeling totally healthy.  

I never quite stuck with it long enough for the long term effects, but I really, really want to now.  I wan to see if it truly rids me of that general feeling of BLAH.  I want to see if it truly rids me of anxiety and irritability and fatigue and weight gain and hair loss.

I've been feeling awful lately.  

Thinking it was adrenal fatigue or depression or anxiety or thyroid or gluten sensitivity or all of the above and not knowing what to do about it.

Then, I stumbled upon Raw Food again and started reading again and started thinking, "Who knows WHAT it is, but I bet if I change my diet to RAW and really stick with it this time, I bet it could and would fix it." 

So, I'm totally and completely mentally ready.  I wanna really do it up this time.  Go all out.  I'm talking, my goal would be to go 100% raw ... eventually, gradually.  I WANT IT.  I really do.

What's stopping me, you might ask?  

I have NONE of the tools anymore.  No blender.  No dehydrator.  No money to buy them.

I mean, yes, I want a Vitamix for Christmas.  But, I do realize that I am almost 35 years old and no one spends that kind of money on my Christmas presents anymore.  Not when there are plenty of deserving little people to buy for these days.

But, right about now, I'd give my left arm for a blender that would just BLEND.  I want to start somewhere.  And, the easiest place for me to start is with my smoothies.  It sets the tone for the rest of the day.  I remember when I was eating raw before, if I had a raw breakfast, I would crave more raw the rest of the day.  When I ate toast or oatmeal or something cooked for breakfast, I'd crave the carbs and snacks all day.  


I NEED a blender.  

So, maybe I'll pray for a ridiculously cheap blender at the thrift store.  Then, start my major savings plan for the Vitamix.  So I can make raw nut milks and raw cheeses and raw nut butters.  

Oh how I want a Vitamix.

Some women wish for shoes and handbags.  I wish for a Vitamix ... and books.  

Vitamix and books ... that would make me one happy lady!



This blog post started out as a talk about my need to go raw along with a little dose of "woe is me" because I have no blender and no money and waaa waaa waaaa.

Now, I'm going to change gears and talk about how truly amazing it is to be loved by GOD!  He really does provide.  He really does answer when  you ask.  He really does listen to what we need.  Even when you don't stop and fold your hands and say "Dear God, please send me a blender". 

As I was typing up this blog post, I wanted to read something I'd read before about another lady who had all sorts of issues (like me) and who now is on top of the world because she went raw five years ago.  I went to her Facebook page and started scrolling through to find what it was I wanted to read.  I decided to post on her page, asking for suggestions on what to do when you don't have a blender, and do you know what?  This complete stranger, one I'd never spoken to in real life OR on the computer, one who doesn't know me from Adam, sent me a message asking for my address so she could mail me a blender?  

How cool is that? 

A Godsend.  A true blessing.  Obviously an amazing human being.  I will be forever grateful to this woman.  

But, my amazement is at the power of God.

I mean, I knew He was there.  But, sometimes you get reminded in a big way.  Sometimes you realize that there is NO answer other than God to explain a phenomena.

God knew that I was hurting.

God led me to her Facebook page a while back and led me to start reading about the power of raw foods again.

God led me to realizing that if I would just try it again and REALLY do it this time, the beautiful and amazing bounty of food that HE provided us would fix any and all of my ailments.

God knew I needed a blender.  

God knew I couldn't afford even a cheapy at the thrift store.

So, God led me to ask a question of a stranger.

God led her to give with a loving heart.  

In doing so, I am blessed with the tool I need to get started again down the path of health and vitality.  

In doing so, she is blessed with good karma and an amazing feeling of helping others to feel as amazing as she does.  

God really is good!  

Remember that High as a Kite feeling I was describing?  

Well, I'm feeling it.  

Right now.  

Maybe it's my attempt at a mess of a smoothie this morning (baby food makers are not good substitutes for blenders ... I had to munch rather than drink my mix of spinach and fruit and coconut and maca

Or maybe it's the feeling of LIGHT.  Of God's Love.  Of the love of Humanity for its fellow brothers and sisters.  

Or maybe it's both. 

Who knows?  

It doesn't matter, though.  

Life is good.  

God is even better.

God really does provide ALL that we need ... He provided the right foods and He puts people in our paths when we need them most. 

Love and light are beautiful things.

Wishing each of you love and light today and always! 


  1. Awesome! Congrats! Maybe I'll try some of your raw recipes out...I could use some help in the feel good department too! Love You! Mom

  2. Oh, I'm so happy that you got your blender, Missy!! Love you


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