Sunday, September 25, 2011

Don't fall asleep in the snow ...

Don't fall asleep in the snow.  Come up from below.

Wake up.  It's a brand new day.  Time to put the Crown on the King and live your life in all its Glory.

One of my favorite musicians is Trevor Hall.  If you've never heard of him, be sure to check him out.  He truly is a beautiful soul.  His lyrics are positive, uplifting and are my soul food.

One of the songs on his most recent album is called Brand New Day.  We all love the song ~ the girls love to sing and dance to it.  I love to sing and dance to it.  But, at a deeper level, the lyrics are just what my soul's been needing. 

In it, he says not to fall asleep in the snow, to come up from below.  

He says to wake up and LIVE your life.  

It's a Brand New Day.

I learned in an interview that the inspiration for the song came when he and his teacher were studying the words of Swami Vivekananda.

Swami Vivekananda says "Don't fall asleep in the snow."

Trevor and his teacher's interpretation:  "Don't get caught in whatever holds you down or you'll never be able to live freely."


I mean, isn't it true?  Isn't it always US that holds US back? 

Break down your own barriers, whatever they may be and live a righteous life.

For me, in the role that I have chosen, my own personal righteous life means being the best Mother, Wife, Homemaker and Educator that I can be.  

God would not have led me to this life if He did not believe that I could do it.

So, if I struggle with it, it is me that is holding me back.

If I get caught in whatever holds me back (that would be me and my own habits), I will never be able to live freely. 

I love that. 

Knowing that we are what holds us back can be frightening.

But, it can be so freeing at the same time.  Because if it is all up to me, then that means that I have the power to change it.

With God's help, of course.  Like I said, if He led me to this life, He must have faith that I can do it and do it well and if I only ask for His help and guidance, He will most certainly give it to me.  He wants me to succeed.  He has entrusted two beautiful souls to ME, with full expectation that I will lead them to the lives He has planned for them.

Each day is a new beginning.

Each day is a chance to start over and do better.

Each day is an opportunity to ask God to lead us to be who He wants us to be. 

Each day is a Brand New Day!

Wake Up!  Don't Fall Asleep in the Snow!

Live YOUR life.  Who's holding you back?

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