Tuesday, October 16, 2012

First Plane Ride Ever ...

I thought I'd start slowly posting the pictures from our trip to Germany. Rather than bombard you with 500 pictures at one time, I was thinking maybe I'd do it by day or by location.

Day One ~ Airport and first time flying (for the girls)!

The Princess, bursting with excitement! Note the extra passengers (two additional "babies").

The Hippie, making tags for her backpack and her baby.
Momma, tired and nervous ... another excited shot of the Princess.

The Hippie looks about as tired and nervous as me!

Am I a lucky girl, or what?

Waiting at the airport ... about to leave Daddy and get on a plane for the first time ever (for the girls and first time WITH children, for me).

After making it on their first flight (only about 40 minutes to Atlanta).

On the phone with Daddy, telling him all about the take off and landing.

Feeling a bit more confident now that she's had one take-off and one landing under her belt ~ ready for the next one.

The Princess, cold-chillin'! She took the plane riding like a champ!
Taking care of her baby ... such a sweet Momma!

Next up ~ Pictures from Day One in Germany ~ Tubingen (with an umlaut on that "u"). The next post will be of Momma after zero sleep for upwards of 34 hours!

Until next time,


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