Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day One in Germany

I promised you pictures of our first day in Germany. If you're not familiar, flying from the US to Europe means that you lose a night. Our plane left here about 2 in the afternoon and we arrived in Germany at 8:30 am, German time. Now, the plan was to sleep on the 8 hour flight between Atlanta and Stuttgart, but alas, sleep did not happen. Between the snacks and the drinks and the meals and the trying desperately to get my children to sleep, it just never happened for me. The Princess did sleep for about 3 hours and the Hippie slept for about an hour. Wow. In case you wondered, that is something my children had never experienced! Luckily, arriving in a new country was exciting enough to make them forget all about that sleep deprivation! So, we powered through and made it all the way to bedtime Germany time!

We headed out to Tubingen first, climbed a great tower (no pictures of that ~ bummer), walked around, had lunch, chased some pigeons and headed back to my mom's. We ordered a pizza, played in the yard and headed to bed at the normal bedtime (about 8:30 for the girls and 10:30 for me ~  that's a total of about 34 hours awake for me!).

Anyhoo, here are some shots of our first day.

The Hippie's first Spezi (a German drink I remember fondly from my own childhood ~ basically it is Coke & Fanta mixed. My children NEVER drink soda, so this was quite a treat! Luckily, they don't use High Fructose Corn Syrup in their soda in Germany).
The Princess's first Spezi ... and a little sleep-deprivation crazy.

They had the cutest crosswalks and signs there!

Silly girl with her Nanu for a Stille Wasser (Still Water ~ you have to work hard to get regular tap water there ~ if you ask for water, you will get bubbly mineral water. Still Water is like gold!) break.

Chasing pigeons.

Playing with Nanu's exercise ball.

Nanu's nearby playground. One of MANY we managed to hit up. They have THE BEST playgrounds in Germany!

Our first dinner in Germany ~ pizza. Go figure. LOL ... It was tasty, though!

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  1. I am loving this!!! The day, the location -- gorgeous!!


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