Friday, October 19, 2012

Day Two, Germany

If you saw my last two posts, you saw a few shots of our plane ride over and then our first SLEEPLESS day. Well, after a good night's rest, we all piled into my mom's car and headed out to Rottweil (yes, that is where the Rottweiler comes from) and then to the Triberg Waterfalls in the Black Forest. Beautiful is an understatement and there's no way my tiny little Kodak Easyshare could capture such beauty, but I tried. Enjoy.

Entering the town of Rottweil

Isn't this just beautiful?

She wanted this picture with the tin cats in the background. :)

Had to take this picture for Daddy ... of course we ended up seeing more of these.
At a restaurant called Pinocchio. This was the nicest waiter. We had an hour long "conversation" (or more) with him ~ he, only able to speak Italian (he was from Sicily) or German and us only able to speak English well, but thankfully understand German to a degree. We managed to communicate just fine! Amazing.

Funny sign ... we went to the right. :)

Check out the Black Forest squirrels! I don't know about you, but the ones all in my yard are typical gray squirrels. I'd never seen a brown and black one like this. The girls said it was a "Rottweiler Squirrel". Hehe.

And, that's all she wrote. A lovely, lovely day. And, such a beautiful drive.

Next time, day three at Lichtenstein Castle ... where I discovered the deliciousness of Pommes Frites (french fries) with Champignon Rahmsauce (mushroom cream sauce). My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Until next time,
Irie Momma

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