Tuesday, October 4, 2011

God ALWAYS Provides

Let me just tell you up front.

If you get tired of hearing me talk about how God Always Provides, then you may want to follow another blog.

He just DOES.  What can I say?

I firmly believe it and God continues to "prove me right".

If you have been following any of my recent posts, I've been talking about getting my big girl panties on and dealing with life.

Schooling away my troubles.

I've had great intentions.
Plans to 'make do' with the materials I have, while at the same time looking ahead.

I'm learning (after two years of homeschooling) that I need some structure.

I've never wanted to buy an all-in-one curriculum that told me what to do because I've always believed that I could do it better.

I am drawn to more than one educational philosophy.
My children are different.  I need to tailor everything to THEM.
I want the living books and the artist study and the composer study, but not the religious doctrine.
I want the beauty and peace, but not the dogma.
I want to teach them about God MY way.
I want to play games.
I want to have time to bake.
I want to read what WE want to read.

And so on.

I want to write my own curriculum.  I can do it better.

But, my track record so far says otherwise.
I want to do it myself, but I end up failing.

I've come to the realization that I need the all-in-one with the guide.
I don't have to follow it to the letter.
But, it can just BE HERE for when I DO need it.
I can add to it.
I can subtract from it.
We can still talk about our religious beliefs.
I can still tailor the lessons to MY children.
If I want to play games, then we play games.
If I want to bake, then we bake.
We can read different read alouds.

But, when I'm not in the mood to plan and I need ideas, they will be here for the taking.

So, those were my thoughts.
Those were the thoughts that started me on my curriculum search journey.
My plan was to finish out THIS year (1st and 3rd grades) just 'winging it', then buy 2nd and 4th grade materials with my tax return in February and BE READY (for a change) to start in the fall.

I have a Sonlight catalog here.  It got me very excited and intrigued.

But there aren't hands on activities or art or crafts and it is overwhelming to a lot of folks.
Plus, there is that nagging religious overtone that I don't want.

Then, I got to thinking about My Father's World (MFW).  It got me very excited and intrigued.

Charlotte Mason philosophies (yippee), living books (double yippee) and this one DOES have hands on activities and crafts and cooking related to the material you are studying (huge YIPPEE).

But even more religious overtone.  I could substitute my own "God teaching" somewhat, but the entire course is centered around the Bible and Christian beliefs.

****  Disclaimer ~ Please, please, please do not be offended.  I am a God-loving woman who runs a God-loving family.  I simply want to teach my children about God the way that I want to and much of the doctrine does not fit with our beliefs.  If my discussion here ignites something in you that makes you want to leave a nasty comment or start a religious debate, please stop reading and take your anger elsewhere.  I am only speaking of what is best for MY FAMILY, not yours.  MFW is a beautiful curriculum and I applaud any family who instills their own religious beliefs in their children.  It's just not exactly the way that WE want to go about it.  ****

Disclaimer over.

Then, I got to thinking about Oak Meadow again.

It appears to be a perfect mix of Charlotte Mason and Waldorf philosophies (my two favorites).
It also appears to be natural enough to appease my Unschool-wishing daughter.
It appears to be peaceful and beautiful.
There is no religious doctrine at all ... we would add our own study of God.
There is art and craft and hands-on and cooking.
There is enough structure, but enough flexibility.
I could subtract what I don't really care about and still add what I feel is missing.

THEN ... I got down on myself.

When I look at the samples online, I am super stoked about the 3rd grade curriculum.
But, I can't afford to buy anything right now.
Remember, my plan was to 'make do' for 1st and 3rd grade.
I wouldn't be able to buy anything until February.
I didn't want to skip the 3rd grade stuff.
But, I didn't want to start it in FEBRUARY, either.


Woe is me.

Wondering when this post was going to come back around to its title, were you?

Well, another home-educating Momma (whom I have never met in real life) has come to my rescue.  God is working through her.

She has a blog.

She has two little girls ... each one year younger than mine (she is currently doing Kindergarten and 2nd grade).

She, too loves Charlotte Mason and Waldorf.

We've become friends over the internet, reading each other's blogs, having "faculty meetings" via email.

She's been on a very similar journey.

She, too has been a curriculum junkie, bouncing around, having trouble deciding.

She finally settled on Oak Meadow and is at peace.

She is the one who convinced me that Oak Meadow is a nice blend of the two philosophies.

We've been talking back and forth a lot this week ... about Sonlight and MFW and Oak Meadow (she's tried them all).

Long story short (or has this been a short story long?  oops ... sorry ... I tend to be long-winded ... ask my husband)

She HAS Oak Meadow 1 and Oak Meadow 3, complete and current editions.

She is going to let me use them for the year (she's currently doing OM K and OM 2, so she doesn't need them).

Talk about kindness and a giving spirit.

I really know how to find the most amazing people.

Generous, loving, kind, giving with a loving heart, LIVING the word of God.


So, as I said at the beginning, GOD ALWAYS PROVIDES.

Sometimes it is through the $20 bill you find in your old jeans just when you need gas in your tank and have no money.

Sometimes it is through the random insurance rebate check that comes in the mail just when you need groceries and have no money.

Sometimes it is through the stranger who sends you a blender when you want to get a little healthier.

And, sometimes it is through the sweet soul across the country who is willing to send you COMPLETE curriculum sets to borrow for the year, asking nothing in return.

How has God provided for YOU lately?  Were your eyes open enough to see it when it happened?

Keep your head up ... God's got your back! 


  1. I love our "faculty meetings" even if they are hundreds of miles away!

  2. Yes! Thank you SO much! I felt SO much better after talking to you! Made my next post seem a little silly. :) We will get to it when we get to it ... if ever. Trust that OM is enough if it is all we do, and add if we want to or can. Love it! Thanks again!

    Would love to see a post on your blog about your general rhythm/schedule and how you balance the two girls all day.

    Hi to the hubz!



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