Thursday, October 6, 2011

Peaceful beginnings

Maybe it was the gentle breeze blowing through the window.

Maybe it was the birds chirping outside the window.

Maybe it was the smell of scratch-made Challah bread making its way around the house.

Maybe it was my mood.

Maybe it was the girls' moods.

Whatever it was, today was a beautiful and peaceful day.

Amazing, actually.

We didn't follow our "schedule" at all, yet we got everything accomplished and even played and danced and enjoyed.

And learned.

A combination of my own plans for the day and unschooling (God's plan for the day).

The day started like any other day. 

I woke up about 6:45.
I enjoyed my tea at the computer.
It was almost quiet (other than the meowing kittens and the whining dogs and the loud fans attempting to bring the temperature below 80 degrees inside and eventually the crying children who had been frightened by their door opening and closing due to the heat expanding the wood or something like that).

They came out early today (crying and all), so I let them curl up on the couch to watch something.

But, it "counted" ... it was a 50 minute kids show on Hercules ... hey, that's Greek Mythology.

That ended about 8 or so and the girls immediately wanted to watch the youtube videos we'd watched yesterday in honor of Rosh Hashanah.  I think we have some new favorites.

We had breakfast and did some chores.  LOVING the lack of complaining about the chores.  Wonder how long that will last?

Then, it looked like it was going to rain, so the girls started their day playing outside (in case they weren't able to later).

At some point, we meandered inside to start our Challah bread.

We read about Shabbat and Challah and talked about the meaning of both.

We talked about how the Challah is usually braided for Shabbat, but for Rosh Hashanah it is shaped into either a ladder (to carry prayers up to God) or a crown (to symbolize the crown/head of the year).

Just like in everything else in life, the girls were different.
The Princess wanted to make a ladder.
The Hippie wanted to make a crown.
So, we cut our dough in half and made both (of course).

I found some Jewish music on youtube and we started our dough, while the music lifted our hearts and made our toes tap.  Everyone took turns kneading and we set it aside to rise.

Then, we curled up on the couch to read "Moses's Mistake" and talked about how we all make mistakes.  As long as we recognize them, admit them and don't make them again, it is okay.  We just have to learn from our mistakes.

Then, we all sat at the table and made scrapbook pages for some of our recent field trips.

It was SO nice.  Positive, joyful and just plain peaceful.  The breeze was blowing through the window (via the box fan on HIGH, of course, but still).  The sun was shining.  The music was cheerful.  The girls were happy.  I was happy.  Bliss.

Eventually, it started pouring down rain and the Hippie noticed that a river was flowing down our street.  They begged to stop and go out and play in it.  No thunder or lightening, so of course I obliged.

So much fun!

That's when God stepped in.

I had just checked out a book yesterday called An Earthworm's Life.
I wanted us to learn about earthworms next week.
I planned on having us set up an earthworm habitat next week.

God had other plans.

The girls found an earthworm and got SO excited.
They set up a habitat for him and watched him for a while.

Then, they came in and the dough had doubled in size, so we took turns punching it and shaped the ladder and the crown.  The bread went into the oven and the house started to smell like a home.

We had some lunch and (of course) the Princess and I did her reading lesson.
She wasn't about to let me slip up on that.
While I was still rolling dough she was already getting out the materials for the lesson.
Gotta love an eager student!

To top off a beautiful day, the Hippie read to us from A.A. Miln'es "When We Were Very Young".  She read us the poem called "Disobedience".

She also read about the artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and some from a book about young activists.

Now, she is knitting and reading Anastasia's diary and the Princess is resting.

What a peaceful day.

Now, if only someone else would come and clean up this kitchen!

So blessed to be a homeschooler!

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