Sunday, October 2, 2011

What's in store?

It is Sunday evening.

Time to start thinking about the week ahead.

I've successfully planned our first two weeks of 'school' and I thought I'd share them here.

I use the term 'school' loosely.

As far as the Hippie is concerned, we've been 'doing school' for the past two months (and I have to agree with her).

She WANTS to Unschool.  She truly thrives that way.

She writes stories. 
She writes in her journal.
She writes poems (she's started a love song for Daddy & Me).
She draws.
She creates.
She reads (currently Anastasia's Diary and Island of the Blue Dolphins).
She knits.
She studies and learns about all things educational.
She asks questions and has intelligent discussions.
She does calculations while cooking and baking.
She watches the squirrels (and even made an entry in her Nature Notebook about them).

You get the idea.

The girl learns a lot on her own.  I in no way intend to squash that.

But, the Princess has been BEGGING for school for a while now.

She WANTS to school.

One wants to school.
The other wants to Unschool.
Mommy needs structure.

So, we will compromise.

I will structure enough to make me feel good and to satisfy the Princess, but leave enough time for the Hippie to get what she needs.  A healthy rhythm of morning 'school' and afternoon 'masterly inactivity'.

Thankfully, the Hippie LOVES books, so even though I will be instituting some structure, since most of it will be coming from real, living books and hands-on activities, she should love it all.

And, she'll have plenty of time to peruse her other interests.

So, anyway, what do we have planned for the coming week?

The focus of the week will be two-fold ~ Getting settled into a groove and Rosh Hashanah.  We will not start our Artist Study, Composer Study, Nature Studies or Math this week.  We will focus on the holiday and easing in.  Our "Bible" slot will consist of tales related to Rosh Hashanah.  Our ART this week will consist of our scrapbooking and making Rosh Hashanah cards and our baking this week will be baking Challah Bread, traditional Jewish Shabbat and Holiday bread.

We have a field trip on Monday.

"First Day of School" 
All About Me
Tour of schedules and supplies
Read about Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
Enjoy Apples & Honey (as the children in our Rosh Hashanah story do)
Make our new 2011/2012 Notebooks
Read Aloud Wizard of Oz

Read "Moses's Mistake" (Jewish tale about admitting mistakes)
Read about Challah Bread
Bake Challah Bread
HAP Scrapbook
Read Aloud Wizard of Oz

Homeschool Adventures Playgroup 

Read "Maybe Even Higher" (Jewish tale about the importance of DEED)
Reading Lesson with the Princess (Hippie reads)
Begin Queen Language Lessons
Read about the Shofar
Blow horns like the Shofar
Make Rosh Hashanah Cards
Begin "Our Jewish Year" Books
Read Aloud Wizard of Oz

What are YOUR plans this week?

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