Monday, October 24, 2011

What's in store?

This time last year ... my how they change!

Creation * Eden * Forbidden Fruit * Cain & Abel


The Princess will continue her Delightful Reading lessons, practice reading to me and read quietly to herself.  She will also work with the fairy tales "The Magic Spindle" and "The Bear's Child", learning the letters A and B in the process.  She will learn some cute A and B rhymes and practice writing capital and lower case As and Bs.

The Hippie will continue reading daily from classic literature (she is currently reading Mr. Popper's Penguins again and Little House in the Big Woods again).  She will also work with the Old Testament story of Creation this week, making entries into her Language Lesson Book (drawing pictures and writing single sentences about what was created each day).  She will begin her work with cursive, practicing capital and lower case As this week. 

As a family, we will continue to read aloud The Wizard of Oz..


In 3rd grade, we are learning about the earth's revolution around the sun and how that makes the four seasons.  We are learning that it takes 24 hours (one day) for the earth to rotate (making day and night) and that it takes 365 days (one year) for the earth to go around the sun (making four seasons). The Hippie will be making an entry into her Science Lesson Book this week that includes a drawing and small writing about what she's learned.

We are also taking a nature walk, focusing on the seasons and collecting plants and flowers for pressing and for printing.  We'll also be collecting items for our Fall Nature Corner.  The Princess will draw a picture of the four seasons in her Nature Lesson Book.  We will set up our Nature Corner and do our Flower/Leaf Pressing and Printing.

Social Studies

We are focusing on the Old Testament right now (combining Language and Social Studies).  We will make a small Sukkah from our building logs and decorate it as the Hebrews would have done.  The Hippie will also begin copying the Hebrew Alphabet into her lesson book.


As with every week, much art is incorporated into all lessons via the drawing into the main lesson books.  This week, we will also paint Creation.


We are baking fresh baguettes together today.  The girls have their Homeschool Theater Troupe tomorrow.  The girls have their Waldorf Handwork Group on Wednesday (includes Fall Circle Time and handwork ~ The Hippie is working on knitting and purling while the Princess is working on weaving with a wooden loom).  We have our All Hallow's Eve party this week as well, where we will make decoupage jar pumpkin lanterns, glitter pumpkins and twig coasters.  We'll enjoy mulled cider, yam cookies and caramel apples with friends, all in our costumes (which we must make this week, too).


You'll notice I didn't mention math. I am awaiting the arrival of Life of Fred Apples.  I figure we can get going into a groove and then add that next week. We do our best to incorporate math into every day life anyway.  

I will also introduce the Four Processes Story to the Princess this week and allow her to draw the four gnomes in her lesson book. 

I think that about covers it.  What are you up to in your homeschool this week?

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