Friday, May 4, 2012

I just wanted to let you lovely people know that I am having major computer issues and will most likely not be able to post my Week in Review this week. I am so bummed about this. I'll try my best because I don't want to miss even one week on here, bit it is highly unlikely. :( Keep checking back, though. And, pray that I can get this computer fixed!

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


  1. Just found your blog and I will be devouring it the next few days! :) I have been looking into CM or Waldorf for my 'lil one. I'd love to hear what you did in K and get advice from you about a booklist or what resources you began with, even anything you might be selling. Thanks & looking forward to checking back! -Denise

  2. @Anonymous ... Nice to "meet" you. How old is your little one? If you're talking about less than 7, I would personally stick with the Waldorf philosophy of holding off on formal school and just focus on a nice rhythm, baking, painting, outside time, playing, reading aloud to him/her. You could mesh that with CM by listening to classical music and looking at beautiful art together. Read bible stories (IF that is your thing). I actually have lots of ideas. Tell me more about your situation (age of your child) and maybe send me your email address. I could share some there. I'm about to go out of town, but maybe down the road I could do an "Early Years" post. Have you looked at the "Early Years" suggestions at or Ambleside or An excellent Waldorf resource is the Christopherus "Kindergarten with your 3 to 6 Year Old". Little Acorn Learning is lovely, too! They have childcare guides that would make a lovely Waldorf kindergarten if used on their own. My biggest suggestion would be not to rush things! ENJOY this time!

    1. Thanks so much! I'd love to hear all your suggestions and tell you a bit more about my situation. (And YES to the bible stories) My little one is turning 5 in Sept & in the email I'll explain why I really would like to get a good rhythm going soon...I can't find your email on here or a spot to send you a message... my email address is NOT the following... genise.dammell@dorgon.egu
      I'm not being a weirdo ha ha I just don't want to get spammed so swap all the g's for d's and vice versa :then you've got my email address. A fun little code for you to figure out. Thanks again! - Denise G.


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