Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm back ... thanks for your patience!

I'm so sorry to have left you all for so long. If you are still with me and still checking back in, I so very much appreciate your patience and your sticking with me.

In case you were wondering, my computer fried about 3 weeks ago. I struggled through trying to fix things on my own for a while before finally accepting that I needed a new hard drive. Fortunately, I had copied most of my pictures and my documents to a separate "E Drive", but other than that I am starting over. That is a funny feeling. It's crazy how attached to our computers we've become in this decade / century. And, how lost we feel when we get them back but they are different. I've lost all of my favorites and programs and settings ... and I don't even know what I'm missing, but I feel lost without it. LOL

Anyway. I wanted to thank you for your patience. In case you were wondering, school did go on. We've been moving along nicely, I just couldn't post my Weeks in Review the past two weeks. I'm planning to attempt that in a moment. We had a lovely Mother's Day and life has gone on. We are on vacation now ~ heading out of town this Thursday. I will try my best to get "caught up" here on the blog today (have to pack tomorrow). Whatever I can't get to, just know that we've been doing well and we'll get back to our "regularly scheduled programming" when we return from our vacation.

I hope this post finds all of you well. I've so missed my online buddies!

Many blessings ... now, to attempt writing about something that happened so long ago I don't really remember it. :)

Bear with me, folks.

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