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Week in Review

Week 15 ~ April 30, 2012 - May 4, 2012

Major computer issues handled. On with our regularly scheduled programming, even if it is LATE. The last Week in Review I did was for Week 14. We've done two more weeks of school since then, so here is my attempt at reviewing Week 15. This post will not be my usual wordy style (well, we'll see about that ~ not sure I'm capable of anything else). It'll be short and sweet, but let's try to see what we accomplished that week.

Week 15 was sort of a catch-up week combined with Momma not feeling well, our major monthly grocery trip and a trip to the Orchestra. Even though it wasn't a ton of "lesson plans", we still managed to get in almost every "subject" and the girls had a lot of fun. Rather than break it up by subject, I think I'll just share what we did as a family and what the girls did individually.


As a family this week, we got to Art, Music, Literature, Nature Study and History. Let me break that down for you.

We read this lovely book about Mary Cassatt called "Suzette and the Puppy".

After reading the story (or was it while I was reading the story? I can't remember), the girls each colored one of the Mary Cassatt works that we had already done Picture Study on. They colored them with Water Color Pencils and then brushed them carefully with water. They thought that was really cool! The Princess was telling me how much she loved my school because she just knew that if she was in public school she wouldn't get to "learn about the Golden Rod or color with water color pencils". That Golden Rod must have really made an impression on her!

The Princess

We read another 15 pages or so in our Opal Wheeler biography about Beethoven.

We also listened to our Beethoven CD throughout the week. The girls really LOVE this CD.

A really cool addition to our week was when I took the girls to the city to a production by our city's Symphony Orchestra. The girls thought it was amazing. They got dressed up (well, their version of dressed up ~ skirts and t-shirts that didn't particularly match ... with shorts underneath so they were ready to play in an instant). This particular production was designed for children and the education of them. It was open to homeschoolers, but there were also a lot of school kids there on a field trip or something. It was really fantastic for my girls to get to see the instruments in person and the people playing them and how they all combine to make that beautiful music they've grown to love! And, it was a beautiful thing to see the recognition on their faces with each song they played! Say what you want about kids and TV, but my children know A LOT of classical music thanks to the Little Einsteins!

We started a new book for our Literature Read Aloud. This comes from my Waldorf background and ties perfectly into the Princess's "Waldorf First Grade" year. We started reading "The Wise Enchanter". It is a lovely little story and is beautifully written. I think we're really going to like this one!

We headed outside on Friday for a bit of Nature Study. We talked about the three main types of clouds ~ cumulus, stratus and cirrus. I asked the girls to draw whatever clouds were in the sky that day. The Princess followed my instructions, and in her usual form, the Hippie didn't. She went ahead and drew all three types and labeled them. I guess in this instance, her not following directions was okay ~ at least now she has all three types in her Nature Notebook. :)

The Hippie

The Princess

We continued reading D'Aulaire's "Leif the Lucky" this week. As expected, it's turning out to be a lovely book!


As for individual work, the Hippie managed to get to math, copywork, cursive, language lessons, reading and drawing. She completed lesson 12 in math (we did A & B orally and she completed C - F and the test written). She completed two lessons in her cursive and finished reading Henry and Ribsy by Beverly Cleary. In her language lessons, the Hippie did some copywork by Robert Louis Stevenson, practiced some more with plural and singular words and completed her first "Creative Writing" assignment. Now, if you know her at all or have followed along in our educational journey together, you will understand when I tell you that I sort of dreaded that assignment. It was a simple assignment ~ "Tell a story about the boy and the dog in the painting". But, the Hippie has ALWAYS hated to write. I fully expected it to be like pulling teeth to ask for 3 or 4 sentences. I guess she's crossed a milestone or something, because she loved it! She had that look of dread at first (because she, too, expected to hate it), but after she got started, she wanted to keep going. Something clicked in her. The next day, she almost complained about not having enough writing for the day! Go figure. Anyway, she also completed some copywork about Moses this week and drew two pictures ~ she decorated her copywork from the previous week and drew a picture of Erik the Red.

Moses copywork & decoration

Erik the Red Copywork & Drawing


The Princess also squeezed in math, copywork, reading, language lessons and drawing this week. This week's math lesson was an easy one, so for Lesson 6, we just did all of it orally and she took the test. Then, we started on Lesson 7 ~ she did A & B orally and C written. For copywork this week, she copied a sentence about the fairy tale "Snow White and Rose Red" and she finished her Erik the Red copywork from last week. In her language lessons book this week, we had a bit of Picture Study and Narration as well as some more copywork ~ a sentence about a mouse. For reading this week, she read to me "The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse" as well as a few more poems by Christina Rossetti. The Princess also drew a picture for Erik the Red this week.

Snow White & Rose Red copywork with decoration
Erik the Red copywork

Now, I'm sure plenty more educational stuff went on that week. But, it was so long ago now and I've lost some of the pictures, so it is really hard for me to remember. That is the best I can do. Hope you enjoyed that little summary ~ stay tuned for a summary of Week 16. :)

So blessed to be a Homeschooler!

I'll leave you with some other pictures from the week and our awesome Family Beach Day!


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