Sunday, April 29, 2012

Box Day ... Creating your own

If you've been in the homeschool world for even a minute, you've heard of Sonlight. If you've heard of Sonlight, you have probably heard of "Box Day" and the excitement it creates in families that use Sonlight. If you happen to receive the catalog from Sonlight each year, you've probably drooled over it once or twice, wanting to be those little families in the pictures who just love Sonlight. You've probably wished you could have "Box Day" at your house. You've probably thought that the grass was greener at a Sonlight house than at yours.

Now, if you are lucky, you've come to your senses before spending your life's savings. If you're lucky, you've realized that the plans you've already made are just fine. If you're lucky, you've realized that your family is having fun with the materials you have chosen, using them in the way that you have already set about using them. If you're lucky, you've realized that you don't need Sonlight to have a great year. If you're lucky, you've realized that you are those families in the catalog. Your children do love to learn. Your family already uses the best literature to teach the concepts you wanted to cover. You've realized that the simplicity of the Charlotte Mason method works. You've realized that you don't need that giant, confusing Instructor's Guide to teach your children. You've realized that reading the great literature and narrating it is enough. You've realized that copywork and dictation are enough. You've realized that your plan is just fine and you don't need to throw it all away just because it looks better in the Sonlight catalog.

Disclaimer: If you already use and love Sonlight, please do not be offended by what I have said thus far. I most certainly do not think that there is anything wrong with Sonlight. I love Sonlight. I am only speaking to those of us who have already made plans. I am speaking to those of us who doubt our own plans because of the amazing marketing that Sonlight has. If you use and love it, please trust your own instincts and know that you know best what works for your family. That is the beauty of homeschooling!

Back to what I was saying. If you're lucky, you've realized that your plans are good enough. But, "Box Day" still sounds like so much fun, doesn't it? It does to me. So, I recently went about creating my own "Box Day" of sorts. Did everything come in one box? Nope. It came over the course of many days, in many individual envelopes with the occasional box or two. But, the fun can still be had if you create the excitement. My kids were ecstatic to get new books to call their own. They were excited to see the things we would be reading in school. And, my checkbook was much more pleased with the prices you can get when you buy your books used! Plus, I'm doing my part to reduce/reuse/recycle books! I plan to have lots of "Box Days". We are building our home library and having fun with it! Here are a couple of shots of our recent "Box Day" events. :)

Happy box day ... and Happy Homeschooling!


  1. What a great idea! I've also seen something similar on another blog where she grouped sets of her old used books together for purchase right on her blog. So she had about 5 groups of 10 books each and they all SOLD probably because people love "box day!" :)

  2. It's fun! We love to get new books. I think I was spending as much on late fees at the library as if I'd just invest a little bit here and there and BUY the books we want to use. :)


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