Friday, January 27, 2012

What's in Store?

After a short meeting with the girls this morning (over tea with honey & cream), I feel confident that our new-found way of doing school is going well. I went through each subject specifically and got a resounding YES each time I asked if they liked what we were doing (except for Language Lessons or anything related to copywork for the Hippie. But, I firmly told her she'd just have to get over it because that was the way she would be learning language arts. Period). As the old saying goes, If it ain't broke, don't fix it. So, we won't be "fixing" much. I did, however, make an executive decision (that we discussed this morning and they both agreed with) that instead of reading a chapter every day from the Bible, we would only read specific stories, one per week and draw pictures from them and copy one line from them, creating a Bible book filled with drawings and words from the stories of the year. This is my Waldorf roots coming through, allowing them to really work with the stories and feel them rather than rushing through the Bible just to finish by some arbitrary deadline. Anyway, short story long, I thought I'd share our plans for week three. We will have three days of "lesson plans", one day with our Homeschool group and one day of all day grocery shopping (we only hit up Walmart and Whole Foods once a month and the girls and I have grown to look forward to this "girls' date").

Family Work: 

The Children's Story Bible by Vos: Jacob's Dream (Read, Draw, Copy)

Child's Garden of Verses: Read poems daily
Recitation: Work on memorizing Family Rules, begin Psalm 23
Child's History of the World Ch 2 (read, narrate, timeline)
Life in the Great Ice Age, Ch 1 & 2
Holling Book of Indians Ch 2 (Read & Draw), Ch 3 (Read)
Charlotte Mason Geography, Lessons 4 & 5
A Seed is Sleepy (Read & Narrate), Paste Golden Rod poems in Nature Notebook
Burgess Bird, Ch 2 (Read, Color, Paste, Copy)
Oak Meadow Fairy Tale for G (Read & Narrate, the Princess draws) 
Aesop, Belling the Cat & The Eagle and the Jackdaw (Read & Narrate)
Seven Little Sisters, Agoonack
A Weekend with Renoir, p 12-19 (Read & Narrate)
Picture Study: Renoir's "Boating on the Seine"
Music: Listen the "The Orchestra" book on Audio
Little House in the Big Woods, 3 chapters
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, 3-4 chapters

As far as the girls' individual work, we'll be on a "do the next thing" sort of schedule. There's really no planning needed here. They just need to work at it daily. Here's what they girls have in store:

The Princess (primarily guided work with me):
Letter picture for G from Fairy Tale
Delightful Reading Lessons, 2 this week
Read aloud to me, 10 minutes per day (for practice)
Math Lessons for a Living Education, daily
Dreambox Math, 15 minutes 3 times
Queen Language Lessons for Little Ones, Volume 3, daily

The Hippie (primarily independently):
Cursive (Pictures in Cursive PRIMER), daily
Math Lessons for a Living Education, daily
Dreambox Math, 20 minutes 3 times
Life of Fred Elementary, daily
Language Lessons for the Very Young, Volume 1, daily
English for the Thoughtful Child, orally with me 2 times
Assigned Reading: The Family Under the Bridge, Ch 1-3
Free Literature Reading (Betsy Tacy)

We also have a Valentine Craft Day scheduled to make Valentines for the elderly that we will deliver as well as our weekly Waldorf Handwork Group, where both girls are learning to cross-stitch. Should be an exciting and educational week.

What do  you have planned?

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