Saturday, January 14, 2012

What's in Store?

After such a successful and beautiful week of school, I thought I'd share our plans for week two. We will likely only have three days of "lesson plans" and one field trip day. It is highly likely we will be traveling at the end of the week. We'll see. Either way, these are our plans.

Family Work: 

The Children's Story Bible by Vos: Rebekah (Read Ch 17, Draw, Copy)

Child's Garden of Verses: Read poems daily
Recitation: Work on memorizing Family Rules
Martin's Big Words (Martin Luther King)
Watch some Youtube on Martin Luther King
Seven Little Sisters, Brown Baby
Very First Americans p.1
Holling Book of Indians Foreword & Ch 1

My America Copywork
Outdoor Secrets & Companion, Lesson 12 & 13
Little House in the Big Woods
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Oak Meadow Fairy Tales for G & H
Child's History of the World ch 2, Stone Age
Life in the Great Ice Age: Ch 1 & 2
Charlotte Mason Geography: 1 Section
Music: Watch Peter and the Wolf here and here
Picture Study: Renoir's "The Letter"
Burgess Bird Book: Ch 2

As far as the girls' individual work, we'll be on a "do the next thing" sort of schedule. There's really no planning needed here. They just need to work at it daily. Here's what they girls have in store:

The Princess (primarily guided work with me):
Letter pictures for two Oak Meadow Fairy Tales, G &H
Delightful Reading Lessons, 2 this week
Read aloud to me, 10 minutes per day (for practice)
Math Lessons for a Living Education, daily
Dreambox Math, 15 minutes 3 times
Queen Language Lessons for Little Ones, Volume 3, daily

The Hippie (primarily independently):
Cursive (Pictures in Cursive PRIMER), daily
Math Lessons for a Living Education, daily
Dreambox Math, 20 minutes 3 times
Life of Fred Elementary, 2 times
Language Lessons for the Very Young, Volume 1, daily
English for the Thoughtful Child, orally with me 2 times
Read aloud to me, 5 minutes 3 times (so I can catch any mistakes)
Free Literature Reading

We also have a field trip scheduled to a real working farm and agricultural museum. We'll get to see restored historical buildings, a dairy barn, an archaeological site, a pioneer homestead, a dry goods store, livestock, trail rides and more. Should be an exciting and educational week.

What do  you have planned?


  1. Hi! I recently found your blog and have been enjoying browsing around. I have three young ones--the oldest is 5 1/2. Though we're not going to begin first grade for at least a year, I am already trying to figure out which homeschooling philosophies will guide us. We do "kindergarten" Waldorf-style, but I love Charlotte Mason too. Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself since I've been "poking around" your space :)


  2. Welcome. I'm glad you've found me. Yes, with your oldest being only 5 1/2, you are doing EXACTLY as you should be doing (in MY opinion, anyway). I would totally stick to Waldorf until later, then blend the two philosophies in the beginning, moving more towards CM in the later years. Again, that's just me. :)

    Enjoy "poking around". Nice to "meet" you!

  3. Looks like a great week! :) We are on "summer vacation" in the middle of winter due to my baby being due any minute! Feels so weird! :)

  4. Hey, the baby IS the lesson in your family right now! Life School is sometimes more important than anything you could PLAN! :)

  5. This is so organized! I need to take some notes here. Glad things seem to be coming together. :-)

  6. Well, Cindie, I put everything into a spreadsheet for 12 weeks and I'm just looking at that. These are my GOALS. But, we have an unplanned trip this coming week, so I have a fair suspicion we won't quite get to everything. But, I'm learning that that is OKAY. Just keep plugging away. :) And, then whatever we don't get to, you'll see it on the next "What's in Store?" :)


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