Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Books we read aloud this Christmas


  1. Hi, I've been reading your blog a little recently, I'd been googling anything I could find that spoke of a mixture of Waldorf and Charlotte Mason, I've enjoyed your writing :-) Did you have any favorites of the books you've listed above? I was totally overwhelmed with how many wonderful, rich Christmas/Advent stories our library had, we must have read fifty but I never came across any of these. I love to judge a book by it's cover and some of your look really great (like Silent Night and Winters Gift)!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Waldorf & CM spoke to me the most, too. I'm glad you've found me. As far as the Christmas books, I'll go in order.

    A Small Miracle has no words but is a great story with deep meaning to ponder and discuss!

    Silent Night is basically the words of the song with pictures. My girls and I enjoyed "Singing" the book. :)

    The Gift of the Magi is a bit difficult language (ala CM ... stretches the brain) but a beautiful story!

    We loved the Best Christmas Pageant Ever! Saw the play a few years ago. Too cute!

    Dewey's Magical Sleigh is surprisingly a beautiful story of a family who wants nothing for Christmas but food to eat. The one I have came with a CD, so we got to listen to someone else read that one.

    Aaron's Secret Message was basically the Bible story from the point of view of the boy who lived at the inn.

    Room for a little one was precious!

    Winter's Gift is beautiful. Not necessarily Christmas, although it takes place at Christmas time. My daughter LOVES horses, so this was a gift I got her this Christmas.

    We also loved our Nutcracker study. We listened to Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker often and read the story and then went to the ballet for a field trip.

    We always read The Night Before Christmas (the poem with pictures) and the "real" Christmas Story on Christmas Eve. Tradition. :)

    I would say to see if your library has any of these. You could also look on Amazon and probably see inside many of them.

    Many blessings to you on your journey!

  3. Such a beautiful collection of stories!

  4. Thank you, Barefoot Mama ... We did enjoy them! :)


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