Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It All Starts With GOD.

That sentence is something I obviously already knew. When I began to see that I was not happy with the way I was living my life, I came up with some goals, some new habits I wanted to form or work on. Some of the things I wanted to change were:
  • Daily exercise
  • Eat better, drink more water
  • Spend focused time with the girls each day (other than school)
  • Read aloud to them every day (other than school)
  • Form the habit of SCHOOL
  • Form the habit of chores, a clean home
  • Form the habit of ROUTINE, schedule, rhythm
  • Menu Planning
It's interesting that my instinct (or was that God speaking to me?) knew where to begin. A part of me wanted to start with the daily exercise. I wanted to change my eating habits. I wanted to spend more time with the girls. I wanted to start our new schedule and routine and keep my house clean and start school.

All of this was and is true.

But, deep down I already knew that all of this was only possible with GOD.  I knew that I had to put HIM first. I knew that if I would start with God, the rest would fall into place.

All things are possible with God.

So, I decided to focus first on the habit of spending time with God each morning. Before worry about anything else, I would begin by getting up at 7:00, not turning on the computer (I didn't check the computer until 1:00pm today!) and spending my hour of quiet time WITH.GOD.

Wouldn't you know, the first thing I read when I started was this:

"It All Starts With God."

Funny how 'smart' we are sometimes. How I knew where to start before I even started.

So, I am starting with God. Each morning, tea time with God. I'll be reading from



I'll read and think and pray and write in my journal (yes, a real hard copy one).

Then, and only then, I believe that the rest of my plans will go much more smoothly.

Would you like to join me?


  1. LOVE my quiet time - it's a must to fill me up with God's love for my day!

  2. It's a new habit for me, but I am enjoying it. If you look up at My Bible Reading Log, you can see what I am doing. Love you, Kristen!


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