Thursday, August 25, 2011

Modern Art, City Life, Books & Friends

 Yet again we find ourselves home from an amazing Homeschool Adventure!
Today proved to be better than expected, which seems to be the trend lately. 
I packed us some lunches yesterday and loaded us up this morning to drive down to the "city".  Funny how things work out ~ we lived down there for a year and drove to another town altogether every week for our co-op.  Now, we've moved to the beach and seem to be driving down town (30 minutes plus) for everything.  We just can't keep it close, can we?  
Anyway, we loaded up for our trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art.  I figured it would be just a little museum gig and we'd eat some picnic lunches at the park. 
Turned out to be fantastic, as usual.  
We got to see the Imaginary Portrait Series by Pablo Picasso. 
  We got to see the Works of Reverend Howard Finster.
    We got to play in the Art Explorium Loft.
      We got to make our own art using Geometric and Organic Shapes.
What I didn't expect was the City aspect of the day.  Turns out, the museum is located in the heart of our city.  
There was a park with a beautiful fountain across the street.  
There were all types of people walking around (some a little scarier than others, if you know what I mean).  
We had to pay for parking ~ who knew that parking meters now take credit cards?  
I didn't.  But, I do now.  
The main branch of our city's library was also located right next door.  We'd never been to that particular branch, and oh what a treat that was!
After our art tour (and adding some money to the meter, of course), we took our lunches up to this beautiful second floor outdoor patio at the library.  There was a long fountain and trees and tables.  The girls could eat and run and play with their friends.  The princess even heckled people down on the city street with her friend. 
After a wonderful lunch with friends and babies and conversation, we headed into the best Children's Library I've ever seen.  It was beautiful and astounding.  
We found books about mermaids and easy readers about horses.  
  We found books about Picasso and Bob Marley and the Eiffel Tower.  
    We found a creation story of dolphins and stories from the ballet. 
      We found a book about Thomas Jefferson, women artists and kitchen science.
After a long and wonderful day, it was time to head home.  
In case you were wondering, we were ten minutes late back to our car, but thankfully didn't get a ticket.
Blessed to be a homeschooler!

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  1. It all sounds SO wonderful!!! I love you found books about Bob Marley :).

    I think we may have finally found the homeschool group we have been looking for too and can't wait to get started on all the field trips. Your posts are really getting me excited about it.

    Oh and I have an artist here too, why haven't I ever thought to take her to our art museum?


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