Thursday, August 25, 2011

Finding your place ...

I am really loving the way that this "school year" is shaping up.

We recently started hanging out with a new Homeschool Group and we are just having the best time ever.  

It is exactly what I wanted in a group. 

    Awesome field trips.
      Babies and toddlers and bigs all together.
        Cool Mommas.
          Park days, beach days, pool days, play days.
            Smiles, fun, friends and laughter.
              Art, History, Science, Nature, Language and Culture. 

This will be our third year of homeschooling.  

So far, we have done both types of Homeschool Groups ~ our first year we were a part of a group that did the "fun stuff" (park days, enrichment days, field trips and nature center days).  Last year we were part of a co-op.  The girls took actual classes ~ three classes every Friday.

We have loved both scenarios, but what I really wanted the Homeschool Group for was for community and friends and socialization and the "fun stuff" (as the Hippie calls it).  We're not big on text books and formal note-taking and lectures and teachers and typical "school" stuff, so while we loved the people at our co-op last year, the group itself really wasn't what we were looking for.  

We wanted field trips and friends and berry picking and nature centers and park days and just plain JOY.

Thankfully, that is just what we've found.

Surrounded by babies and toddlers and Attachment Parents and big kids and JOY.

Joy for all three of us ...
   Friends for the Hippie ...
     Friends for the Princess ...
       Friends for Momma ...

So blessed to be a Homeschooler!

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