Monday, August 8, 2011

Making memories ...

The other night, our city's NFL team had a FREE scrimmage.  We LOVE NFL football in our home, so we decided that we'd better go ~ FREE was the only way any of us would ever get to enter the stadium, so why not make a night of it?

The girls were SOOOOOO excited!  They kept thanking me for taking them there.  They couldn't believe they were getting to go to the "real" stadium.  

All in all, the football part itself turned out to be pretty boring ~ they were just practicing.  Not much excitement there. 

But, the girls ... that's where the fun was at!

They got to go to the stadium.

They got to ride the escalator up.

They got to get a warm pretzel from the concession stand.

They got to see the cheerleaders perform (if you want to call them that ... cheerleaders ... really, what kind of cheerleader wears high heel boots?)

They got to see the mascot act silly.

They got to see the players run in from the locker room ... through the steam!  (anxiously wondering if it was smoke)

They got to hear the National Anthem sung and see the giant flag held out across the field.

They got to hope that one of the many t-shirts being tossed into the stands would come our way ... and heckle the people whenever it didn't.

They got to cheer, holler and scream.

They got to go to the TOP of the stadium, just to see what it looked like from up there. 

They made memories.  We made memories.  

My mom's always told me that it's when you break the rules, when you do something different that memories are made.  She tells the story of the night when she was little and she and her brothers were already in their pjs, ready for bed and their dad decided to take them to the drive-in movies.  She is in her 50s now, and will never forget that night.  Rules were broken ... something different was done.

Well, in our frugal, single-income family, going to a "real" NFL stadium and seeing the "real" NFL players and mascot and cheerleaders in person, in real life  is something different.  

Memories were made ...



  1. Awesome! Brought happy tears to my eyes!!! Loved your dig on the cheerleaders - from one who earned the right to give an opinion on it!!! Thanks for reminding me of the night we got to see "Flipper" at the drive-in after bed-time in our PJs.....won't never forget that night! XOXOX Mom/Nanu

  2. Sounds like SO much fun! I love the story of your mom going to the drive in in her PJs as a child. Reminds me to find moments to do that.

    We are HUGE NFL fans here as well(Sorry but GO Colts! ;)). I think the girls and I will keep track of the different NFL teams of blogger friends for geography.

    Many Blessings!

  3. Funny you say that, Kim ... I, too, am a Colts fan ... but also a Jaguars fan ... which is kinda crazy in these parts, seeing as the Colts are one of our biggest rivals ... LOL ... Sometimes it is a house divided! :-)


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