Monday, March 12, 2012

What's in Store?

 I spent the majority of my day yesterday on school. First, on writing last week's review. Then, on planning out how I want to proceed. Finally, on planning this week. I thought I'd share with you what we have planned for this week.


Catherine Vos The Child's Story Bible ~ Old Testament "Jacob's Dream"
Fairy Tale ~ Mother Holle
Outdoor Secrets "The Horse Chestnut's Name"
Wisdom and the Millers, Ch 3 & 4
Poems by Robert Louis Stevenson
Charlotte Mason Elementary Geography, Lesson 6
Watch/Listen to Mozart's "The Magic Flute" Overture
Burgess Bird Book Study ~ Ch 10 & 11, Color & copywork, Woodpeckers
Seven Little Sisters, Sunshine
Outdoor Secrets "The Disobedient Tree"
Picture Study ~ "Madame Georges Charpentier and her Children" by Renoir
Paintings that Smile, Renoir
TREES Nature Study
Continue reading Twig and Black Beauty


Start Math U See ~ Lesson, practice, review & test pages
#9 Main Lesson, 1 day
Cursive, 3 days
Queen Language Lessons, 3 days
Reading, Socks by Beverly Cleary
Drawing and copywork from Jacob's Dream


Main lessons on 6 & 7
Queen Language Lessons, 39-46
Read to me "The Cat and the Mouse" from Reading Literature, First Reader
Read to me 5 pages of Nursery Rhymes from Reading Literature, First Reader
Drawing and copywork from Mother Holle

FRIDAY ~ For St. Patrick's Day

Green Smoothies
Read "The Leprechaun's Gold"
Irish Music, listen
Irish Music, play our Irish Drum & Irish Whistle (thank you, Nanu)
Read "Saint Patrick and the Peddler"
Copywork ~ Irish Blessing
Play "Shamrock Math" (I did this two years ago & it was lots of fun)
Kale Salad for lunch
Peruse our book of Great Irish Legends for Children
Bake Irish Soda Bread together


On Wednesday we have to make gluten-free & dairy-free muffins for our Handwork group. So, I decided to make that a "Kitchen Day". We will be baking GF/DF muffins together, preparing fruit (also to take to our Handwork group), reading together from "The Pioneer Sampler" (p. 6-16) and making soup together. Then, we will have Handwork that afternoon (the girls are learning and practicing cross-stitch at this time).

I think that about sums it up. What are your plans this week?

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