Thursday, June 23, 2011

A long and eventful journey ...

Fifteen years ...

Fifteen years ago today, I was getting ready for a Punk Rock Show at a tiny hole in the wall bar in Chapel Hill, NC.  I was going with a friend of mine and her boyfriend at that time.  Imagine my delight when she called to tell me that a boy named Josh (upon whom I already had a crush) was gonna come along.  

A boy named Josh, a girl named Melissa, a tiny hole in the wall bar and Punk Rock music.  

A perfect evening by my standards.  A perfect evening that got even better when he kissed me on the stairs in the parking garage.  

Aaaahhhhh .... memories.  

Memories of being 19, carefree, no responsibilities, just good times.  

From that night until this one and from this one until the end of time, we've been and will be together.  Best friends.  Confidants.  Soul Mates.  

I remember long talks, hanging out on the hood of my car at the lake, staring at the stars.  What I first fell in love with was our ability to talk ... and talk about real stuff ... I mean, really talk.  Talk about God and religion and politics and life.  For hours.  No physical pressures, if you know what I mean.  No silly games that boys and girls play.  

Just truth.  Just REAL honest truth.  

After 15 years, too many sleepless nights of partying in college, every hair color and style imaginable (for both of us), big pants and body piercings to clean cut for the "real world" we thought we had to join, good friends, tons of fun, punk rock, techno music, drum-n-bass, reggae ...

After more funerals than I think are fair, a few weddings, the birth of babies, concerts, travels, life in three different subcultures, 12 homes, 2 states, 6 cities, football, jobs, beaches, mountains, driving cross-country, watching the children we've created grow into the people they are meant to be, bills, joy, pain, loss, not enough money but more than enough happiness and beauty ....

After all of that, I still cherish the talking.  The Truth.  The talking about truth.

I cherish him.  I cherish us.  I know in the depths of my soul how very blessed I am to have found that one person I can truly just be with.  

I am thankful to have married that boy that kissed me on the stairs of the parking garage at the punk rock show 15 years ago today.  

Give thanks for LOVE!  

I'll leave you with a few pictures ... only from the past few years ... I don't have time to scan the gzillion other pictures we have .... 

Many blessings to you on the wonderful day!

Fifteen years ...


  1. Love hearing about people who adore each other! Here's to another 15 years and many more! :-)


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