Sunday, June 5, 2011

Homeschoolers can graduate too!

Thursday night was Recognition Night for our Homeschool Co-Op.  

It was really a beautiful evening.  We enjoyed a nice meal together (pot-luck).  We enjoyed good conversation.  The kids played.  And the kids "graduated".

After dinner, all of the children lined up to the right as Ms. Shelley called each one's name to come and get their certificate.  She started with the pre-schoolers and went all the way up to our single graduating senior.

The Princess received a certificate for completing Kindergarten.  She also received a Participant Physical Fitness Award certificate for participating in all five activities in the Presidential Physical Fitness Test.   

The Hippie received a certificate for completing 2nd grade.  She also received a National Physical Fitness Award certificate for scoring above the 50th percentile on all five activities in the Presidential Physical Fitness Test.  We were so proud.  She was the ONLY girl in the entire co-op to receive this award!  Who knew my tall and skinny girl was so strong and impressive?  I did!  :=)

Then came the tears.  We have one young man who was graduating from High School this year.  

Yes, he was homeschooled the entire time.  

And, yes, he is bright, intelligent, respectful, well-behaved, polite, sweet, nice and even "cool".  

If that is how men grow when they are educated and influenced by their family instead of their peers, then that is what I want for my children! 

It was so nice to hear from the child's perspective how appreciative he was that his parents cared enough about his education to take responibility for it (his words).  He was so thankful that they chose to homeschool him the whole way through.  And, he loved them very much.  This 18 year old boy actually cried in front of everyone.  And, wasn't ashamed to.  Beautiful!

I could go on.  But, you get the point.  

Anyway, afterwards, there was cake and a slide show ... pictures of all the fun things we did this year and pictures of all of the families and the children.  So nice.  

I'll leave you with some pictures from our evening ...




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