Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Truthful Tuesday ... Blah blah blah


Truth is, I just spent FOREVER trying to type up my Week in Review for last week.  

As it began to DRAG ON, I thought to myself, "These are MY children.  I care about this stuff probably more than anyone else could.  If this feels like it is dragging on to ME, what will my reader feel like?"  

I mean, I know my mom will always like to read it.  But, that's because she is very far away (physically), and she always wants to know what she's missing!  But, anyone else?  Do they care about all of the ins and outs of my homeschool?  Probably not very much.  Every little detail?  I don't think the world really cares (not that the WORLD is reading this, I do realize that, but you know what I mean).  

The issue is this:  We are not a workbook doing, test-taking, grading sort of homeschool.  We are influenced heavily by Charlotte Mason methods, which means that a lot our learning is not always "documented".  We learn by reading wonderful books and talking about them.  We learn by doing activities.  We learn in a hands-on way.  We don't do worksheets or spelling tests.  

MOMMA knows when they are learning based on the oral narrations that they give me.  It's always nice when an illustration or something written makes it into a notebook, but that doesn't happen all the time.  Sometimes, I can tell that it would LESSEN the learning if I stopped the flow of the cozy couch reading and narrations in order for them to make a "notebook entry".  

So, not everything makes it to "paper".  But, I DO want a record of what they do, what they learn, etc.  I don't have an excellent system for documenting it all here.  MOMMA knows what we're doing, but would the state if they asked?  

But, again, do I want to lose what few readers I may have by boring them to tears with all the details? 


I need to learn how to just HIGHLIGHT the good stuff in my Week in Review.  Maybe I'll make pages across the top or side with the details of what all we really do....  We'll see.  But, for now, I need to get some sort of Week in Review ready for last week so that I can move on to THIS week!  Always a learning experience, always a journey ...

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  1. You definitely don't want to bore yourself, but at the same time, as I read, I felt it was a really good thing for you to document "every little thing". You're going to really enjoy it later, to look back and have such detailed descriptions of your activities, and be able to see how you all 3 have grown, them as students and YOU as their teacher! If you have the time and will to elaborate on your process, good for you, keep it up. After all, there's endless space on the web anyway, so type your heart out! Love you guys!


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