Thursday, September 23, 2010

Four days down ... a lifetime to go

So, today marks day four of exercising in the morning!  Go 'head, Momma.  Now, I won't lie and say I've really WANTED to do it each morning, but I DID it.  I'm so unbelievably thankful that God gave me the will to JUST DO IT on Monday morning, to then write out a plan about DOING IT and then gave me the courage to put it out there for all the world to see on Tuesday.  The key has been to NOT THINK ABOUT IT.  Just do it (as Nike says).  If I allow my brain to get involved, there is a very big likelihood that it won't happen.  Like this morning, when the alarm went off at 7:00 and I did NOT want to get up.  That part of myself (that drives me crazy) jumped right in and TRIED to talk me out of it.  "You've already done three days this week, you're fine."  Thankfully, the other part of my brain woke up just enough to tell HER to "shove it".  Against my will, I got up and JUST DID IT.  Now, I feel much better.  I know that I've "completed my plan" for the week.  I did the sculpting video on Monday and Wednesday (as planned) and did the core video on Tuesday and Thursday (as planned).  NOW, I can relax for a couple of days.  Well, as much as a stay-at-home, homeschooling Momma to two wild and crazy girls and wife to one wild and crazy husband CAN relax.  Now, I just need God to grant me the will to do it all again next week!


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