Saturday, September 21, 2013

Week Three Wrap Up

What a week of fun!

When I last left you, we were about to head out to the Festival of Chariots. What an experience that was. Honestly, it should be its own post (and maybe I'll do that ... I have enough pictures for its own post!), but let me just say that it was one of the most educational experiences we've had in a long time! We learned all about the faith and customs of the people there. We ate from a wonderful *FREE* vegetarian feast (multiple times). We watched some spectacular traditional Indian dancing. We learned the chants and chanted all day long. We did yoga with others ... in our skirts on the grass. But, the most eye-opening part of the experience was when we marched in the parade right along with the believers. I think the girls and I were the only ones in this procession who were not of this faith, but we joined in all the same. We carried a flag. We chanted and sang. And, we got to see what it was like to be someone else. We got to experience the reactions of others first hand. What an experience!

Monday was Daddy's birthday. The girls decorated the kitchen for Daddy (we always decorate for them; I guess they thought it would be nice to decorate for the grown-ups). We walked on the beach and found jelly fish, crabs and various tracks. We spent the bulk of the day exploring thrift stores ... hey, that's what Daddy wanted to do. :) On a "schoolish" note, the Princess finished reading Tornado by Betsy Byars. She loved it ~ it was about a dog named Tornado!

Tuesday was a lovely home day filled with fun and learning. The Princess looked up "How to Draw a German Shepherd" and proceeded to draw an amazing one ... on the first try. She is really talented! She also started reading a new book called Tippy Lemmey ... she *loves* this one. It is also about a dog. This girl *loves* animals! We had a bit of a "Guess Who?" game marathon. No kidding. We had picked up the game "Guess Who?" at a thrift store the day before and we proceeded to play it over . and . over. After about 3,456 times, we decided to try something else. We signed up for Khan Academy accounts for each of the girls and they took the math pre-tests and then had some fun doing math. Love it when that happens! The Hippie loves Khan Academy and wants to keep doing that. Well, okay then. That is *FREE*. I can handle free. We'll add that to the mix. While the sister was on Khan Academy, the other was reading. The Hippie was reading The Moffats; the Princess was reading Tippey Lemmey. Later in the afternoon, the Hippie spent some time with her journal and listening to several US History stories from Your Story Hour. The Princess spent her afternoon listening to the *entire* German for Children set and playing veterinarian on all of her stuffed animals. She also colored in that beautiful German Shepherd she had drawn earlier in the day. Later that evening, the girls put on a "German Show" for Momma and Daddy to show what all they've been learning.

Wednesday was a very lazy, rainy day. It was one of those dark and stormy days where it seems like it is night time inside. The girls spent most of the day in the craft room. When they weren't crafting, they were reading, working in their journals, sketching, sewing, coloring (fairies and dogs) and/or playing "Guess Who?". We had yet another wonderful "Restaurant" Wednesday night. It was nice enough, so we set up outside. Aaaahhhh.

We celebrated the Fall Equinox with our Home School Group on Thursday. The girls played with all of their friends while Momma talked with the other Mommas. Then, we all headed out for a nice nature hike. We hiked to an observatory tower and climbed up to see the wetlands all around us. We talked about what the Fall Equinox means and what sort of signs of fall there might be in other places. We talked about how we don't really get much of that where we live (Florida has two seasons ~ hot and not-as-hot). When we got back from our hike, the children did some fall crafts and then played some more. When the girls and I left the park, we headed to the library and the Hippie checked out every book she could find on Greek Mythology, while the Princess checked out every book she could find on cats and dogs.

Daddy was off yesterday and we enjoyed a lovely family day. We started the day with a walk on the beach with the dogs. We then had a nice family brunch and then headed outside to just hang out ... all day. The girls made things with fishing line and shells. I read. We listened to music. The girls drew with chalk. The Hippie taped up her hoola hoop. And, the Hippie continued to tell us all about all of the Greek gods and goddesses. We finished off the day with a bike ride and pizza.

And, here we are back at Saturday. We've spent the morning cleaning, but we did pause to watch one episode of The Joy of Painting (we sure do love Bob Ross) and the girls just watched an episode of Liberty's Kids about The Shot Heard Round the World while they were folding laundry.

What did your family learn this week?


Until next time,

~ Irie Momma

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