Friday, September 27, 2013

Week Four Wrap Up

We are really relaxing into our own this year. How is your year going?

I think it is amazing when you stop thinking about curriculum and history cycles and you look at your *child* and really notice and ponder the person that God created them to be. When you can design your home school (and your life) around that central thought, things fall into place.

I kept thinking that we were not into our "full schedule" yet and we'll "start" that "full schedule" in October. But, in reality, if I stop and look at what all the girls *are* doing and really focus on how our family lives and works together, we are doing what we should be doing. We don't have to add this full schedule of pre-determined subjects. We are living and learning just the way God wants us to. And, these girls are enjoying the freedom, time and space to focus on their passions and become who God intended them to be. And, honestly, academics (while an important aspect of home schooling) is totally secondary to raising good girls who love God and love one another above all else. And, that is one thing I am positive is happening. So, I think we are right on track.

I'm being intentional about a few things ~ reading aloud, the girls writing each day, some math each day and all three of us participating in D.E.A.R. each day (drop everything and read). As long as we hit those main things, the rest of the time is open to wherever the spirit leads us. That often involves history, geography, nature, tons of arts and crafts, cooking, educational videos and so much more.

Another thing I'm noticing is this: In other parts of the country, people get "Spring Fever". They have been cooped up inside all winter due to unbearable cold and as soon as it starts to get nice out, the outdoors start calling their names. Well, when you live in Florida, you get "Fall Fever" instead. We've been cooped up inside all summer due to unbearable heat and humidity and as soon as it starts to get nice out, we can't help but want to be out there. We get excited about what Fall means is coming ... pumpkins and candles and warm bread and soup and Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas and simply our *favorite* time of the year.

What does living and learning look like?

* Reading about the Creation of the World in the JPS Illustrated Children's Bible
* Catching lizards and finding colorful beetles
* Surfing with Daddy (and entire pods of dolphins)
* Reading about The First Strawberries (a Cherokee tale) 
* Cooking meals from start to finish with no help
* Sewing a sock doll and making clothes for it (hemming a dress)
* Sewing and stuffing a little dog to be a lovey for said doll
* Reading the story of St. George and the Dragon
* Acorn hunts and collecting signs of fall for the nature table
* Writing thank you cards and copying Psalms
* Reading How Bruh Sparrow and Sis Wren Lost Out 
* Listening to Verdi
* Practicing adding money in your head as Momma buys things from your "store"
* Reading the Festival of Stones again about Tiptoes Lightly, Pine Cone and Pepper Pot and how they learned of St. George and the Dragon
* Listening to history audio stories
* Beach nights with friends
* Life of Fred math with Momma
* Going to to check the weather, getting side-tracked by the World's Most Amazing bridges, looking up on maps where places are located, learning geography
* Reading about how the Angel Michael through Lucifer out of heaven
* Going on little walks with the dog
* Watching an episode of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood about how crayons are made
* Playing math games on the computer
* Spotting red cardinals and blue jays in the yard
* Playing Herd your Horses on Family Game Night
* Listening to Gregorian Chant on Pandora
* Learning math fact families ... addition/subtraction for the Princess and multiplication/division for the Hippie
* Making shields and swords out of cardboard in honor of Michaelmas Day
* Reading each day during D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read)
* Enjoying yet another Restaurant Night ... and another 3-D art class
* Reading to Momma about the Discontented Pine Tree and telling her the story
* Reading again to Momma about Boots and His Brothers and telling back the story, perfectly (both the Princess)
* Learning about triangles ... all different kinds
* Making a fall snack ... fall leaves (seaweed), pine needles (spaghetti noodles), acorns (walnuts)
* Looking up otters in the encyclopedia
* doing jumping jacks, stretching and a few yoga poses when it's raining and you can't go for your morning walk
* Painting St. George and the Dragon with watercolors
* Reciting Psalm 23 for fun
* Showing kindness by moving a huge palm frond from the sidewalk for the lady in the wheelchair ... without being asked by the lady or by Momma
* ... and so much more!

Wanna see?

Family Game Night

The Sock Doll the Hippie made ... before her arms were added.

Sewing with Football ... lovely Sunday afternoons!

Sewing .. she made a dog for her dolls to play with.

Sewing and foot ball

Making a shield

Making a shield

Painting her shield

The Princess's shield before being cut out

The Hippie's shield before cutting it out ... she says she is a Celtic Knight

Painting St. George and the Dragon


St. George and the Dragon by the Princess

St. George and the Dragon by the Hippie ... the Princess in the painting is holding her nose because that green stuff you see is the dragon's breath ... and it is really stinky!

D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read)

D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) ... even the Sock Dolly is reading

Bedtime Story

copying Psalm 1
Beach Night ... Quinao Salad

Our adorable little mermaid friend

Zombies the girls drew on the house for Halloween
Writing in her journal

The Sock Doll in her dress, with the dog

The stuffed dog the Princess made

The dress / buttons the Hippie made

Mr. Marley

Catching beetles

Showing Sissy ... who is a bit squeamish!

Fall snack ... fall leaves (sea weed), pine needles (spaghetti noodles), acorns (walnuts) ... and pretzels and peanut butter for good measure.

Writing thank you cards

Mushrooms on our morning walk

Restaurant night ... 3-D art class ... again

Cooking ... without help
My Celtic Knight ... on her horse

Sword fighting

My little Spanish Knight

Until next time, 

~ Irie Momma

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