Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The itty bitty baby turns NINE

Isn't she amazing?

That beauty up there turned nine about a week ago.

Where DOES the time go?

Goodness me, if the next nine years go by as fast as the first (and, I have a sneaky suspicion they may just go by even faster), I don't know what I will do.

I guess, all one can do is to LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

Anyhoo, my Momma tells me she loves the pictures she gets to see here on the blog, so I thought I'd share some from the big day.

We don't really do birthday parties around here. Birthdays are very special, family fun days.The birthday girl (or boy, if we're talking about Daddy) gets to choose the days' events ... from the breakfast to be served to the order of the day to the dinner that night. The birthday child always wakes up to a fully decorated kitchen and a living room full of balloons and the day goes on from there in whatever order they had decided upon.

This year, the Princess wanted the day to look like this:
  • Pancakes for breakfast (like at The Old Spanish Sugar Mill in Deleon Springs ... where we add goodies like peanut butter, banana, blueberries or chocolate chips)
  • Presents (of course)
  • The Olive Garden for lunch
  • Water park for a "Night Splash"
Unfortunately, the weather had other things in mind. Stormy skies meant a Plan B needed to be determined. After a bit of thought, the Princess decided she would like to go Roller Skating, something the girls had never done.

What a fantastic "Plan B" that turned out to be!

The day was amazing.

We made pancakes. I put out little dishes with sliced bananas, chopped strawberries, blueberries, chocolate chips and natural peanut butter. We had them with a tiny bit of Pure Grade B Maple Syrup (better than grade A, go figure).

She opened presents.

We grabbed a bit of lunch to go and headed out to the skating rink.

In three hours time, both girls went from completely incapable to much, much better. Momma went from fine to sore!. Momma and Daddy both participated in races that were held for the adults, hahaha. The girls had a blast and declared that they want to do that all the time.

Then, we headed over to The Olive Garden for dinner.

When we finally got home, everyone fell into bed, thoroughly exhausted and sore, but with smiles on faces. It was perfect.

And, the best part is, we still get to do the Water Park. We promised her that we would (she was initially very disappointed about the weather!).

Enjoy a few shots from the day.


This year, we began something called the Birthday Tree ... presents were placed under it for the weeks leading up to the big day ... anticipation was high!

Daddy was so sweet ... he put in Pink and Black earrings just for the Birthday Girl. :)

Making balloons stick to the ceiling is always fun.

Holding up the ceiling :)

The Birthday Girl's first pancake ~ chocolate chips and strawberries.

Cute little set of Gnomes, table, cloth, plates and cups ... made by the Hippie

The Greatest Gifts ... of mine. :)

Is she adorable, or what?


Until next time, 

Irie Momma

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  1. I love, love, love the pictures! The only thing I don't "like" is the fact that I can't hit a "like" button under each one! :) Keep 'em coming. Looks like it was a wonderful day and you are all beautiful to look at! Love, Mom


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