Monday, August 12, 2013

Hello, Old Friend ...

Hello, old friend.

Yes, you. You over there. You whom I have not spoken to in ages. Do you remember me?

How have you been? Did you wonder what the heck happened to me?

I can't begin to tell you what all we've been doing or what I have been thinking. I might eventually try to fill you in on the time you've missed.

Or, I may not.

I guess you could say I have had a case of writer's block.

For over six months.

I honestly cannot even guarantee that I don't still have it. But, I'm willing to try.

I want this space. I need this space.

I want to connect with others who are walking the same walk that I am. I want the opportunity to help those who are just starting out on this path.

I want a place to make sense of the ramblings inside my head.

Bear with me as I figure out how to get back on this wagon. Life certainly has not slowed down. It's not as if a beautiful spot has opened up in my schedule to allow for "writing".  The only thing that may have changed is my acknowledging that no spot is ever going to magically open up. If I want this thing, then I am just going to have to grab onto it. Rather than watch as the animal keeps passing me by, I have to grab onto its horns and hang on for the ride.

So, have I designed a pretty little schedule to fit in this thing called "writing"?


Have I designated that I will write about food on Tuesdays and home schooling on Thursdays and God on Saturdays?


Have I gotten a laptop so that I can actually shut myself into a room to concentrate once in a while?

Nope. Still have to do this smack dab in the middle of the chaos that is my life (though, I really want a laptop ... wink, wink, Mom ... Christmas).

Have I gotten that awesome camera I've been drooling over so that I can fill this space with beautiful pictures?

Not yet. Still rocking my boring old Kodak Easyshare .... though I may be able to take some pictures on my nifty new phone (twenty-five dollar phone, folks ... don't get too excited).

But, am I ready to get rid of the excuses and get back to this thing?

I think I am.

And, I hope you'll join me for the ride.

Now, for you to enjoy a little bit of home-made "slip-n-slide" summer fun on a pushing-100-degree Florida day ...

Until next time (and I truly do plan for that to be sooner than next February),
~ Irie Momma


  1. I have missed you too! So glad to see you here. And loved the pictures! Keep it comin' girl! Love, Mom


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