Saturday, June 2, 2012

From Unplugged to Plugged In ... Again

April 2008 ~ How quickly they grow up!

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for coming back to check in on me. I would also like to apologize for leaving you for so long. Please know that it has been very difficult not to have this avenue to express my thoughts!

In case you are wondering, I have been offline for over a month. My computer fried. The hard drive fried. I bought a new hard drive and thought the problem was fixed (that is when I was able to write our last Week in Review and tell you about our upcoming vacation). Then, as if God was just allowing those posts to be written, it went out again.

A few weeks and several hundred dollars later, I sit here with a newly built computer. Shiny and beautiful, it is. But, I no longer trust these things. I'm afraid of when the next problem will occur. I know rationally that we should be good to go now, but I thought that after buying the new hard drive.

Anyway, I've been anxious to get back to this blog. I have so many posts swirling around in my head. It would be a beautiful thing if I could actually find the time to write them all. But, in this season of my life, that is highly unlikely. I will start with our next Week in Review and we'll see what I can squeeze in from there.

I have to ask you to bear with me just a little bit longer in regards to pictures. I have a full camera, but no way to put them onto my computer at the moment. UGH. One of my dogs chewed up the USB cord that goes with this camera several months ago. At that time, I just started inserting the memory card directly into the CPU tower. Problem solved.

Well, I've just realized that this new tower does not have a place to put the memory card. So, I will have to find a new USB cord to match my camera (I'm assuming ~ if you are more computer-literate than me and know of an easier way, please let me know!).

In the meantime, I will throw in a random old picture here and there to keep your eyes pleased. But, please continue to come by and read whatever I've got time to say. And, I'll work on getting that USB cord problem fixed soon.

Thanks for you patience and understanding, folks.

~ Irie Momma


  1. Glad you're back! I've been thinking of you a lot lately -- hope all is well with you!

  2. Thank you, Sally. I've been thinking of you, too. That's the bad thing about having online-buddies ... if you're not online, you have no way to stay connected. :) Now that I am back, I will do my best to catch up or just jump in with the GMG group. I've been trying on my own to strive more for the Proverbs 31 wife while I was away ~ being internet-free actually frees up more time to do those things. Now, I'll just have to download that book and start reading along with you ladies. Missed you. Thanks for stopping by.


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