Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week in Review

Charlie Brown Dancing

 This week was a bit different. We didn't really follow lesson plans. We took turns being sick and some days we all felt bad. So, it turned into a bit of an Unschooling week. Even still, I was amazed at the amount of learning that took place (as usual). I thought I'd share with you some of our week.

We started the week with Bob Marley Day.

In the morning, we all cooked Momma's Ital Banana Porridge together. As any homeschooler would do, I took the opportunity to include some math in our cooking. "If we have to stir for 15 minutes and it is 9:25 am right now, what time do we stop? ... If we want to make sure we each get to stir for the same amount of time, how long do each of us stir?" ... That sort of thing. As expected, it was delicious. I even tried my hand at that fresh Coco Bread.

We listened to Bob on the itunes and read aloud the Boy from Nine Miles.


The girls spent some time building a dam. And, went back the next day to see if it held up.

This week both girls spent a little bit of time blogging. It may sound silly, but it's their way of "writing" for now. It's good because they don't have to complain about the physical act of writing and I think they think it's fun to type.

At some point the girls decided to dress up and put on a play for Momma and Daddy. They started out as The Princess (as herself) and The Witch (played by The Hippie). The play then turned into "The Princess and the Panther". Somehow, I missed getting a picture of the panther. :(


Maybe she decided to be a vampire???

Both girls squeezed in some math this week ... on the computer. Give thanks for Dreambox. It's like playing games to them, but satisfies Momma when we are sick.

The Hippie made some pom poms one afternoon. She was so tickled that she had made them that she put together a class and instructed all the rest of us in making some of our own.


 Sick days are perfect for classical music ...

and for listening to stories. We checked out a couple of the sample stories at Sparkle Stories. They loved them. That would make a nice gift one day (hint, hint family members).

In accordance with the recent interest in dolphins, the Princess watched the documentary Twenty Years with the Dolphins.
In accordance with being sick, the girls watched a bit more tv than usual, but that's not so bad when it's educational, right? They watched a Wild Kratt's about monkeys and an Electric Company episode, learning the rules that apply to reading when the letter "c" is involved (good for the Princess). The Princess watched an episode of Little Einsteins and was so excited to tell me that it was Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker (we learned all about that one this past December).

We also took the cats to the vet on Wednesday (and the dogs on Saturday). These were events in and of themselves.  And, hey, the Princess wants to BE a veterinarian when she grows up, so these were like field trips for her. She told both vets that she wanted to work there when she grew up.

One day when I was feeling pretty awful and lying on the couch, the Hippie took it upon herself to break out her science kit. Of course, she NEVER follows the rules/directions, so she made up her own experiment. She taught her sister all about Primary and Secondary Colors. They poured RED, BLUE and YELLOW into test tubes and then proceeded to mix them in tiny cups to make PURPLE, GREEN and ORANGE. It was so cute to hear the Hippie's "teacher voice".

We enjoyed an afternoon park day with our Homeschool group and met some new friends.

And, of course there was reading. There is always reading. The Hippie read Nim's Island again and the Princess finished two books and started a third (these are all gifts she got for Christmas, books about horses).

We finished the week off with a Baby Blessing for some friends. All in all I think we had a lovely week for being sick.

How was your week?


  1. Sorry you all were sick! I didn't even know it! Hope everyone is all better now. Thanks for sharing your week again!, Love You.

  2. P.S. Happy Valentine's Day! Hope my cards made it in time......


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